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The finest seafood, sustainably produced

Delicious seafood, sourced responsibly and expertly prepared so you can expect nothing but the best.

About Blue Earth

Quality seafood every time


We deliver top quality seafood with confidence – and that’s because of the strategic, long-term relationships we’ve built with our suppliers. Around the world, our own teams are on the ground, working side-by-side with our partners to ensure our exacting standards are met. It’s all about honest, straightforward and ethical collaboration, which means you can enjoy our products with the confidence of knowing you’re doing right by nature.

  • Integrity
    We’re driven by a passion for the best, most delicious seafood.
  • Single source
    We source from our committed partners who all share our vision for sustainable supply.
  • Innovation
    We love creating new recipes that inspire new products.
  • DNA traceability
    We track 100% of production, right back to the hatchery.
  • Trusted provenance
    We lead and follow the most discriminating industry standards.
  • First-hand approach
    We put our people at every stage of the supply chain.
Our products

Seafood selected by us, for you


Seafood is the hero, and therefore anything we add has to be great tasting and complementary. We make our own sauces, marinades and dips daily to create exclusive recipes that deliver every time, through our responsibly sourced Blue Earth products.

Large King Prawns

Delicious king prawns cooked in their shell before peeling.

Blue Earth Foods Our Products Large King Prawns

Coldwater Prawns

Succulent cold water prawns from the North Atlantic.

Blue Earth Foods Our Products Coldwater Prawns

Large Madagascan Black Tiger Prawns

Sweet black tiger prawns from Madagascar.

Blue Earth Foods Our Products Large Madagascan Black Tiger Prawns
Need inspiration?

Our latest recipes


Blue Earth Foods prawn dish

King prawn, spinach and courgette crispy pancakes

These vegetable fritters pair perfectly with the juicy prawns, tzatziki and pickled red onions and are gluten free. They are packed with vegetables and can be enjoyed as a side or main. Feel free to be more flexible with your favourite herbs and spices. You may want to add chilli or curry powder to make extra spicy pancakes.

Blue Earth Foods prawn dish

Hot crab filo parcels

These triangular parcels of crisp, light filo pastry enclose a spicy-flavoured filling of crab and horseradish. You could also try a filling of crab, ginger, water chestnuts and sweetcorn. They look and taste wonderful and are really easy to make. Prepare them ahead for a party then bake just before serving with a sweet chilli dipping sauce.