Blue Earth Foods Our People Maria

Job title: Quality Assurance (QA) Manager

Length of service: Five years

Career overview: “I started in August 2016 as a Quality Team Leader. I was working shifts and was responsible for a team of QAs who were reacting to factory issues. I then progressed to become Supplier Approval Coordinator and then a few years later QA Manager.”

Role and responsibilities: “As a QA Manager, it’s my responsibility to ensure food safety and quality across all of the products we are making. I oversee and support the QA team who monitor day-to-day compliance to procedures and resolve issues. I also conduct factory audits, prepare presentations, investigate complaints, drive factory improvements within production, and work with colleagues, customers and suppliers to resolve any issues.”

Favourite aspects of the job: “It certainly isn’t boring! Every day brings new challenges, which keeps me on my toes. I also really enjoy that I am part of a bigger team who are all passionate about improvement (and food, of course!), which makes my work a bit easier.”

Fun fact: “I started doing sculpting in lockdown. Working with clay isn’t easy, but after working in a fast-paced environment it’s nice to unwind and do some sculpting – it’s creative and makes me feel relaxed. I’ve already made some jewellery trays, and I’m trying my hand at vases next.”