Blue Earth Foods Our People Mohamed

Job title: Logistics Manager

Length of service: 10 years

Career overview: “When I started at Blue Earth Foods I was a Line Leader. I was a Packing Supervisor before progressing to Packing Manager. Dispatch and Packing were combined into one department so I then became Packing and Dispatch Manager before moving into planning, and then production. It was 2020 when I was offered the Logistics Manager role – so I’ve moved around a lot within the business!”

Roles and responsibilities: “I monitor the goods going in and out, working in dispatch and the warehouse. I book deliveries, look after the stock, and allocate finished goods to the customer.”

Favourite aspects of the job: “I like how the company treats its people – it’s a good environment with a focus on the core values of teamwork and honesty. I moved here from Tunisia and I really enjoy my job. I’ve had good development here and I’m treated fairly.”

Fun fact: “I love travelling and discovering new places. I travel to Europe by car – France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy… I really enjoy driving so don’t mind the time it takes! It’s worth it to explore all of the old cities.”