Blue Earth Foods Our People Chris Brazier

Job title: Team Manager

Length of service: 13 years

Career overview: “I started out as an operative working with prawns, and after two years was promoted to Team Leader. Then I progressed to Shift Manager before taking on the Team Manager role, which I’ve been in for the last three years.”

Roles and responsibilities: “I’m responsible for day-to-day activities, such as planning and providing guidance to team members. I set targets, implement guidelines and boost awareness of team strategies through technology, mediation and management. By mediating any issues within the team I can help create a cohesive, creative and comfortable working environment.”

Favourite aspects of the job: “I enjoy working with people from all around the world, making a difference and achieving my targets. Blue Earth Foods gives you the opportunity to grow within the business. It’s a family-friendly business that follows – and believes in – its core values.”

Fun fact: “I’ve been married for nearly five years to my wife Monika, who I met at work.”