About Blue Earth.


Our main ingredient is quality. At Blue Earth we source and make premium seafood products, and we’re a leading supplier to major retailers throughout the UK and Europe.

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  • Integrity
    We’re driven by a passion for the best, most delicious seafood.
  • Single source
    We source from our committed partners who all share our vision for sustainable supply.
  • Innovation
    We love creating new recipes that inspire new products.
  • Traceability
    We track 100% of our production and use the most advanced technology to guarantee it.
  • Trusted provenance
    We lead and follow the most discriminating industry standards.
  • First-hand approach
    We put our people at every stage of the supply chain.

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Our passion lies in providing our customers with the finest, most delicious seafood.

We do this by putting the best people in the right places.

We inspire new ways to enjoy seafood with our mouth-watering recipes. We check standards all the way along the supply chain, from the hatchery to the shopping basket. And we deliver seafood that’s consistently excellent, 365 days of the year.

We care about where our seafood comes from, and about the people, communities and environment that produce it. This shines through in the commitment of our team and the quality and freshness of our products.

Superior quality

We’re experts in prawn and seafood, and that means consistently delivering a clean taste, a perfect texture and a firm bite. We add no chemicals, no yield and weight enhancers, and no water. Quality ingredients result in quality food, and keeping ingredients fresh throughout the entire supply chain is a critical component of providing our customers with the finest final product.


We work with our committed suppliers to ensure a consistency of quality. We don’t go to multiple locations or trade to drive the price down. We get the best seafood with a quality you can always trust.


We use the most advanced traceability technology including DNA techniques which enables us to track our shellfish back to its farm or fishing vessel. Transparency of production gives maximum confidence that our products are ethical and sustainable.

Trusted provenance

We follow proper feed regimes, production and harvesting techniques and make sure the environment is always respected, while protecting and maintaining human rights and social values.

First-hand approach

We put in place strict control measures throughout the supply chain, and we don’t rely on third parties to monitor them. We put our own people on the ground, at the point of origin that your food is grown, to make sure our high safety, quality and ethical standards are upheld throughout each stage of a product’s life cycle.