Our People Make the Difference

Blue Earth Foods is led by a team of seasoned professionals, all of whom share a passion for seafood and have decades of experience in growing, processing, developing and marketing seafood products.  Our combined experience and supply chain capabilities enable us to provide a dependable supply of quality seafood products 365 days of the year and ensure that the service and support our customers receive is both comprehensive and insightful.

In addition to our experience with, and passion for, developing exceptional seafood products, Blue Earth Foods believes strongly in fostering a culture of respect and responsibility throughout our entire organisation. We believe that our most valuable asset is our employees and that people really do make the difference.

"A healthy environment means more than clean air and oceans... it means a safe and respectful workplace."

"Sustainability involves more than responsible fishing and farming practices... it involves creating secure jobs and paying fair wages."

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Fair and Equal Pay

At the core of Blue Earth Foods' employment policy is our value in people and what they add to our business.  We employ into jobs based on skills, attitude and behaviour and pay relates to the job not the gender and we are proud of our diverse workforce. 

Please view our Gender Pay Gap Report here.

We encourage and support the development and training of our people so that they can be more effective in their roles and have the opportunity for advancement and career progression within the company. A number of our Managers have benefited from this approach having started on the factory floor.

As well as encouraging our employees globally to support our efforts in developing an environmentally sustainable working environment, we strive to ensure that the working conditions of all of those who work within our production facilities are safe and hygienic and that the livelihoods, social conditions and food security of those in local communities are protected.


At Blue Earth Foods we are committed to the adherence of the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code of Conduct and will only trade with third party suppliers who share our dedication to environmental responsibility, are regulation compliant and can demonstrate a positive awareness of the impact of their business operations on both the environment and the local communities.

If you feel that our story is of interest to you and you can embrace our values and principles, please feel free to send us your CV with a covering letter to enquiries@blueearthfoods.co.uken