We’re committed to doing the right thing.


We make sure we always do the right thing – at all stages on its way to your plate.

Our commitment

Our commitment to ensuring premium quality standards are consistently met, and our enthusiasm for fabulous and flavoursome food, drives us forward on a daily basis. This mindset stretches through our supply chain supporting all our partners in protecting a quality and sustainable supply for generations to come. Our values ensure we strive to deliver while being considerate and supportive of the people and environments that we touch.

These beliefs are at the forefront of how we operate at Blue Earth. We expect our colleagues to embrace our principles and integrity by demonstrating our values on a day-to-day basis.

Our customers

We work tirelessly to deliver innovative practices that benefit our customers by giving them the very best quality products.

Our people

Our strongest asset is our people. We are committed to providing good working conditions for all of our employees, creating opportunities for personal development and fostering a culture of mutual respect.

Our business

In a world of finite resources, we lead in investing in innovative solutions to maintain sustainable marine sources. We work with well managed fisheries and ensure the best production and management systems to maintain the continued availability of our resource. While the seafood sits at the centre of our offer, it is also essential that we consider all other aspects in our supply, from utility input to packaging, ingredients, distribution and any waste streams. These are managed and constantly challenged to deliver quality products as efficiently and with minimal impact to our environment.

Our communities

We sustain thousands of jobs across the countries we operate in and pride ourselves on the ethical approach we take to our supply chain, working standards and employee rights and creating shared value. This applies to the various communities we work in.

The environment

This lies at the heart of everything we do. Our working practices and sourcing criteria promote the sustainability of the ecosystems that support our aquaculture and fisheries operations. We treat all our resources and inputs with the respect needed, and develop progressive approaches to minimising our footprint in all areas that we work.

Blue Earth Foods Sustainability

Sustainability leadership

Our sustainability strategy is a core driver of our business. It focuses on our long-standing effort to address the important environmental and social aspects facing our industry.

The three main pillars of our strategy are: safeguarding the marine and aquatic resources; ensuring good and fair working conditions; and developing efficient production systems.

Working in partnership with our suppliers, we help them improve management practices and achieve independent certifications that support and confirm the responsible management and sustainability of all operations.

Our farmed seafood products are produced by aquaculture facilities with ASC, BAP or Organic certification.

Our wild-caught seafood products are sourced from fisheries certified to MSC, or where this is not possible, we ensure that sustainable management practices or a Fishery Improvement Project is put in place.

Certified sustainable seafood MSCFarmed responsibly ASCBest aquaculture practices

We are committed to maintaining transparency throughout the supply chain, and proactively assess potential risks. We partner with key industry organisations and social NGOs that provide us with expertise and guidance on human and labour rights. These long-term partnerships enable us to address issues and improve working conditions.

We also work with certification organisations to develop best practice for our industry. Our involvement in these initiatives allows us to remain at the forefront of developments in sustainability issues.

Our parent company, Seafresh Industry Thailand, has been presented with the Sustainability Award of Honor, by the Stock Exchange of Thailand for four consecutive years. This is in recognition of our continued efforts in sustainable business practices.

Transparent integrity

We source directly from our own farms and from partner farms where we operate sustainable production systems in harmony with the local communities to provide you with consistently premium products.

We have worked closely with IdentiGEN in developing and using DNA TraceBack® in our farms, which uses nature’s barcode, DNA, to independently verify that the product reaching you comes only from these ethical and environmentally responsible farms.

The most precise and accurate traceability solution available today for fresh, frozen or further processed product, DNA TraceBack® provides traceability you can trust.

Our integrated supply model

We have an integrated supply model for warm water prawns that allows us to ensure a first-rate quality product, every time.

From farm to fork, we cultivate and care for our prawns with the utmost care and standards, and we pride ourselves on the quality and sustainability of our supply chain. Because we are directly involved in our entire prawn operation, we can stand by every stage and standard of our work. So, when you buy from Blue Earth, you can always be assured of premium quality.

Our prawns are taken directly from harvest to the processing site within hours, which results in a product that is naturally full of flavour. Our prawns are the freshest because we have perfected being the fastest.

Blue Earth is part of the Seafresh Group. Our foundations are in aquaculture and we understand the importance of controlling the supply chain from source. We do not trade in seafood, but work with our own farms, and long-term strategic partners where we put quality as our central focus.

We want you to enjoy the best shellfish every time, and we can achieve this by making sure we always do the right thing, at all stages on its way to your plate.

Read our Animal Welfare Policy.