Blue Earth Foods Our Products Large King Prawns

When it comes to king prawns, it’s fair to only want the best. And our Large Cooked then Peeled King Prawns are difficult to beat. 

Firm in texture and full of flavour, these big beauties stand out because they look and taste great.

What’s more, the way we prepare these prawns make them truly unique within the market… and you’ll be able to taste the difference.

They are cooked in their shell and then peeled, which results in a naturally sweet prawn which is succulent yet meaty and boasts a lovely deep pink colour. Cooking the prawn in its shell locks in all of the flavour for something special – delicious!

Prawns make for a wonderful star component in many a dish – they can be eaten hot or cold for a start, which makes them both easy to use and versatile as an ingredient.

You can’t go wrong with a classic Caesar salad: crisp lettuce, crunchy croutons, olive oil, parmesan cheese, black pepper… combined with our prime prawns, this is a go-to appetiser, side or main dish.

Dip into creamy Marie Rose sauce for a quick snack, or add into a spicy curry with rice as a delectable dinner. They are delicious dressed with fresh pesto, too – the options are endless!

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