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If you have an appetite for delicious seafood, then our White Crab Meat is an absolute must. It’s succulent, subtle and sweet… and let’s not forget, sustainably sourced.

Picked from the Brown Crab (Cancer pagurus), our White Crab Meat is fished from British coastal waters. 

The means in which we source our products is incredibly important to us. This is why all of our Brown Crabs are caught using traditional inshore crab pots, and landed in local British ports. This is a process that can be carefully managed and controlled, and not only is it a selective method of fishing, but it’s also low-impact. This ensures the long-term sustainability of our British crabs.

After cooking the Brown Crab we pick the delicate, succulent and naturally sweet white meat from the claws, knuckle, thighs and legs and complement this with a small amount taken from the purse.

Our crabmeat is always fresh, and never pasteurised and we wouldn’t dream of using any additives to extend its life – so the eating quality isn’t compromised. Just fresh flavour and a wonderful texture, guaranteed.

You can enjoy our White Crab Meat in a number of ways. It’s a perfect accompaniment for pasta – we suggest tossing it through fresh linguine with a Romesco sauce – divine! Alternatively, you could get creative in the kitchen and work up a tantalising hot crab filo parcel. For a simpler option, combine with watercress, rocket and spinach for a lovely, leafy summer salad (don’t forget the dressing!).

Did you know?

The Brown Crab is a handsome, robust-looking crab. It’s reddish-brown in colour, with a characteristic ‘pie crust’ edge, with black tips to its claws.

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